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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run review
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
Apr 16, 2021
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run review
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run Review

Story (9/10) Great
More Specifically (9.80/10) Great+

The story for the critically acclaimed Part 7 of JoJo's did indeed live up to the hype as the best JoJo's Part from a story standpoint. It's not perfect just like any other series and it's the best Araki has ever written. Now my personal issues with the story is the climax of this Part which also hindered my enjoyment so I'll put those in that section. But that's not the only thing that urked me as we know JoJo's has never made 100% sense and as a reader of JoJo's one must admit that and accept that accordingly. Araki tries his best (or at least I hope he does) to explain the supernatural or scientific situations that occur in his series and some times it makes sense and some times it doesn't which is forgivable depending on the individual reader and the situation at hand. One thing that didn't sit well with me for this entire part was the power of the spin. Now ripple made some what sense and so did stands they were some sort simple and easy forms of powers araki made up in the past that you could wrap your head around but the power of the spin made little sense at the start of the series but then just started to make less and less to me and damn near lost me at the part where Gyro needs to see a perfect rectangle to activate his true potential, I can't let araki ride out with that one. Other than that the story plot of the actual Steel Ball Run Race was amazingly unique and the biggest flip from JoJo's we've seen since Part 4's slice of life spin (and it's even more than that). You get the same sensation of watching or reading a really good sports manga with JoJo's flavor on top of it and majority of it was done great and I can cosign it as the best story Araki has written thus far.

Art (10/10) Outstanding

The art in JoJo's Part 7 is Araki's best work he's ever done in my opinion. Of the time of me writing this review I've already read Part 8 and I am caught up with it. Part 7's art is superior to Part 8's. I don't know what happen after he was done with Part 7 but that was his pinnacle he has never drawn anything that has looked as good as it did in any other Part of JoJo's or any other manga he drawn before JoJo's.

Characters (10/10) Outstanding (Spoilers)

What made the characters outstanding to me in Part 7 were not how likeable they were but because of the backstories they have. Johnny's, Gyro's, Diego's and Funny are some of the best backstories for characters Araki has ever written. The only character's backstory to be honest that rival's the back stories of these characters I mention and aren't apart of Part 7 were Part 6's Weather Report and Enrico Pucci's. Likeable is subjective and I indeed enjoyable the company of how main characters Johnny and Gyro their chemistry as duos outshines any duo we've seen in previous parts Joseph and Ceaser? Nope, Josuke and Okuyasu? Nah, no duo is touching Johnny and Gyro. Now Diego Brando as a character does indeed outshine the orginal Dio from a character standpoint. Although i like the og Dio more as a character Diego shows that he's more deep and interesting than OG Dio. Although Dio got more characterization in Part 6 during Enrico's flashback that made Dio seem more than just some 1 Dimensional villain that hates the Joestar bloodline and I appreciated it, I still think Diego is a better character from the ground up. My only gripes about Diego is the way he got his dinosaur abilities, it still doesn't make sense to me and when the 2nd Diego got pulled into the picture which is basically a completely different character and I felt it wasn't really needed and felt more like a lazy attempt to bring The World back into the picture, although the idea I think was cool i think getting completely rid of the original Diego so earlier wasn't too much of a good move. Diego Brando is a great antagonist and I don't feel he was a villain which is why I feel since I don't consider him a flat out villain like Dio Brando I feel he was a better character by default. Funny Valentine on the other hand can be looked at as both villain and antagonist. His complex mind and way of thinking was outstanding I do feel he is a better villain than Dio but I do like Dio more. With all that being said even though I am giving this section a 10/10 it's because like I say time and time again all a 10/10 means to me is that it has reached my pinnacle of satisfaction I was looking for when it came to this section doesn't necessarily mean it's perfect.

Enjoyment (9/10) Great
More Specifically (9.60/10) Great+

My enjoyment for Part 7 was great I enjoyed majority of it. I do feel the start of Part 7 took a minute to get going but once it did it was smooth sailing from there on out. Enjoyment is a 100% subjective category so it's different for everyone. So for me I felt when it came to the conclusion on how the final opposing villain was handled, it was good but the whole Diego Brando from an alternate universe with the Stand power of The World? When that came into the picture I my enjoyed kind of hit a wall, because I just felt it was quite an ass pull even by JoJo's standards. Honestly this was more of an ass pull than Part 3's Jotaro getting the power of time stop right at the end of the series yeah it's that much of an ass pull to me. Apart of Diego getting The World was spoiled for me before I got to it in the manga and I thought that the original Diego was going to get the that ability somehow and I was interested to figure out how he gets it. But when I figured out it's not even him it's another Diego from a parallel universe it kind of disappointed me and hindered my overall enjoyment for a conclusion to the critically acclaimed SBR, I guess I felt it could have been handled better, example could you imagine if the original Diego wasn't dead and the new Diego teamed up with him and that had some sort of 2v2 fight with Johnny and Gyro? That would have been far better to me. Another issue that hindered my enjoyment was the fact that just like the previous Joestar (which would be Jolyne) Johnny couldn't finish the job. Sure one could say Johnny defeated Funny who was the true main antagonist of Part 7 but the fact that it's because of Funny that this 2nd Diego is here still makes me uncomfortable in the same way that I did when Jolyne couldn't finish the job against Enrico Pucci back in Part 6. It doesn't sit well with me that Lucy Steel (just like Emporio) is the one to lay the final blow on the final opposing threat of Part 7. Nonetheless it didn't completely destroy my enjoyment as you can tell because it still ended up getting a 9.60 it's far more forgivable than the big issues of previous Parts of JoJo's (Part 4,5 and 6 in particular which all had that one big thing that is unforgivable in each of them). Nonetheless points (just like i did for Part 6 when this happened) had to be deducted from my score but not as much.

Overall (9/10) Great
More Specifically (9.85/10) Great+

So the hype was indeed real, I can see why this is considered the best Part of JoJo's. And as of me writing this review and also being caught up with JoJo's Part 8. I would say my ranking for my personal favorites would be 4,2,3,7,5,1,8,6. I do feel this is superior than it's counter Part which is Phantom Blood, but everyone feels that way. All and all Part 7 was a great Part and I can cosign it as one of the if not the best from a critical standpoint.

After sitting down and thinking about it hard an long my new ranking as far as favorite parts rank as the following now. 7, 4, 2, 3, 5, 1, 8, 6. So yeah Part 7 is like wine although the issues that I have with have not gone anywhere, comparing it to the issues I've had with my previous #1 favorite i felt bothered me far more than the issues I've had with Part 7. The anime for Part 4 that aired, made me realize how many issues I have with Part 4 that bother me to the point where it made me do a deep comparison on everything Part 4 and Part 7 has done in every category and Part 7 came out on top. So yeah Part 7 is my new favorite.
Overlord review
Apr 14, 2021
Overlord review
I'll keep this brief. I really like Overlord. Excellent story that both fulfills a desire to feel a bit villainous, rational, but sometimes "good" through our main Character. For a "transported to another world" premise, the cliches are for the most part avoided and the issues related are dealt with in reasonable, rationable ways. I don't mind an overpowered MC every once and awhile, and this novel does seem to provide the views of plenty of the poor underpowered saps.

Story is great. Really hits a good itch that I love to scratch, with fantasy, magic, crazy powerful characters, battles of wits and technique for strong vs strong characters, and no moments of "bravery saves the day" here. If the strength difference is large enough battles are quick.
Art is fine. Honestly wish there was more, for a reason you'll see in the cons.
Great complex setting.
Overall quite captivating

Pacing can be quite awkward. Definitely moments where a scene is so boring and predictable where I skip ahead a paragraph or two. Not too often at all though.
Characters. I can only take so many arrogant characters. Most are great, but jeez, the moment ANY character has the upper hand, it's boasting time (even if it's just the narrator boasting). Leads to a LOT of redundant and repetitive sentences.
Finally, physical description. I don't mind leaving things to the imagination, but far too often is a character's description left like too little or straight up missing. Yeah, there are a lot of characters and places, but sometimes I don't want to feel like the story is a dream I had where chunks of visual data just don't exist.

That's all!
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa review
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa
Apr 14, 2021
Shippuu Tengoku: Kaze no Klonoa review
(WARNING: This review may contain some spoilers. Also, this is my first attempt at a review. So, without further ado...)

Klonoa, Klonoa, Klonoa... what a strange turn this series had. From two wonderful 2.5D platforming games that told a lighthearted yet serious story, to go to... well, this. Eventually meeting it's own doom close to this time.

Honestly, i feel incredibly confused about it. I like first couple games this series started with. But what happened later on is just... ugh.
But regardless of that, what exactly *is* Klonoa? Well, let me tell you about it...

It all began in 1997. Namco published a game called 'Klonoa: Door to Phantomile' for the Playstation 1. The game was about a fluffy cat/rabbit hybrid called Klonoa.

Klonoa is a young, brave and innocent kid who travels through other dream worlds and who wields a golden ring (Known as the Wind Ring) as it's main weapon. While becoming known as the 'Dream Traveler' as the series progressed.

The series was critically praised in japan. And with that, it was sailed overseas. Unfortunately, sales and popularity were very low outside of japan. Almost to the point where they didn't even bother to bring it over here to the west anymore...

Well, that's that for the introduction of the series. So, forward about to five years later. The date is April 26th, 2002. The first chapter of this manga got released. ...Ehm... yeah... How about i just tell you about this manga on a new paragraph?

Shippuu Tengoku Kaze no Klonoa, Or... known as Heavenly wind Tamer, Klonoa of the Wind, is a shounen manga drawn by Hiroshi Katou, and published by Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic.

Okay. If you hadn't noticed my score beforehand, i gave it a '4'.
Don't get me wrong, i love this series. Door to Phantomile and Lunatea's Veil are among one of my favourite platformers out there. And the idea for a Klonoa manga doesn't seem bad at all. In fact, it would work in wonders! So much material to work with. But it just... *sigh*

Let me tell you in detail about this, along with my score. Starting with...

THE STORY [4/10]:
Okay. Here goes... So, what is the story about? Well... a whole bunch of nonsense.
It starts off with a Postman Moo noticing the *mailbox* in Breezegale has suddenly disappeared. Klonoa decides to help the Moo find it he just screws and messes around a bit on his own until they find it. Turns out... *it was him who made it disappear all along*.

...And that is just the first chapter. I'm not kidding. No actual seriousness is in here. Klonoa destroys the city in the next chapter while trying to protect it from monsters, tries to fly in the next even though he can't, tries too desperate to be a hero... and this goes on for nearly 14 chapters!

It's just almost utter nonsense. Where's Ghadius trying to completely corrupt all of Phantomile? Where's Sorrow trying to make himself reknown to Lunatea? Anything that has that same amount of energy and awesomeness for story telling? None of that is here!

At the end of it, it actually tries a bit to become more "serious", but even then... it still doesn't, it really is a half-assed attempt at humor throughout. (Not all of it, but a major part of the humor is just like this) If the story itself doesn't ever take itself seriously, then how should i?

And no, "It's a comedy manga" doesn't really cut it for me. Take the original 'Dragon Ball' for example. It blends humor, fighting, and actual story perfectly into one. Even the main two Klonoa games do it! So what happened?

THE ART [6/10]:
If i'm honest... the art wasn't really all that bad. But it's just all over the place.

For one moment, it can look pretty cartoonish. That's fine. It kind of fits.

Then in the next few panels suddenly switch it up to really chibi-ish. Okay. A bit of a sudden change there, but...

And then suddenly the next page is completely seinen and full of detail! What??

I know a lot of anime and manga have this kind of 'style change'. But i think it was just too ridiculous and way too frequent for my taste in a series like this. It kind of ruins the mood. (Not that it really had any in the story to begin with, but still)

*Sigh* Remember how i referred to Klonoa as "young, brave and innocent" before?

Well, throw that out of the window. In this, Klonoa is clumsy, obsessed with being a hero, too enthusiastic, depressed, crossdressing, desperate, stupid... To quote the wikia on this: "as a complete idiot" which... actually kind of hurt for me to hear that. How could they do this to such a character?

Well, that's a good sign to start with. Klonoa being portrayed as a really awkward fellow, but what about all the other characters? A few other examples? Well... it's not much better.

Guntz: An airheaded bounty hunter who can't even walk right without carrying two incredibly oversized guns. ...What? (In the original series, he was a legendary bounty hunter with a short temper who tries to get revenge on his father's death. Although aggressive and arrogant, he is shown to actually be able to become friends with others.)

Pango: Although still friendly and a hero, he goes completely insane just from being called 'a turtle', even if it is by accident. (In the original series, he's a Pangolin who's been trying to find a cure for his son's illness. Here he just does nothing much.)

Garlen: A complete goofball who actually... doesn't seem all that bad of a person now...? (In the original, he was literally one of the main villains throughout the series who would sacrifice others for his own benefit, or even kill other people with no issue. Wanting to rule the world in his own hand!)

Leorina: Gives swimming lessons. That's about it. (In the original, she was once a priestess-in-training from La-Lakoosha, and later on became a sky pirate who tried to uncover the Kingdom of Sorrow on her own.)

Joka: Huh? Oh right, he was in this! (In the original, he was a loyal henchman to Ghadius. Known to be mischievous, violent and desperate. Having no issue to kill others during his actions. In this he just... exists. Literally. That's it.)

It's such a step-down from what most of the characters from the franchise were. Although, to give this manga credit... Chipple is still like he's supposed be, and Lolo is still about as sweet as i expected.

In my opinion, it isn't necessarily *awful* to read through, but still, it was very much... ehh.

The pacing is all over the place. Some story parts drag out quite a bit. But at the same time, some were pretty short. This is both good, but also bad. It was a bit distracting at times.

While some jokes may have made me laugh, most just made me cringe. Or even made me just put the manga down for a moment and facepalm.

So yeah, it wasn't all that great. But... i have faced worse things. I just wish i could've enjoyed this a bit more.

OVERALL [4/10]:
In my opinion... i honestly don't like this manga all that much. I feel like it's pretty disappointing that it turned out to be this.

It could've been so much more to me. It's about the Klonoa series, with infinite possibilities! In fact, i really enjoyed the main games as a kid. I really did!

But as it is, this manga is just underwhelming to me at both a humor manga and an actual story.
Karakasa no Saien
Kingdom of the Z
Hantsu x Trash
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