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One Piece
One Piece
One Piece
For One Piece I definitely think he is a great work, but even then there are some problems that I can’t ignore
One Piece
Mar 17, 2021
For One Piece I definitely think he is a great work, but even then there are some problems that I can’t ignore
1 Domineering settings
This is definitely only thought of when Oda Shaba, and it also made two works completely two years ago and two years later. The natural line was abolished at once, and the almost invincible natural line directly became one of the three kinds of fruits. In the sewers, Blackbeard had to use gravity to suck Ace's real body, and water was needed to hit the crocodile. The thunder was still because of Luffy rubber restraint. Now the armed color can directly touch the body. . . The strengths of Ace and the Crocodile are very low. Anyhow, the Crocodile can excuse being a local snake. Ace is the captain of the second division. He must have experienced the new world and also been to the country of Wano. It was actually not domineering by the red dog. The boxed lunch was given with a punch just because the fruit of the red dog is the upper fruit. . .
Then the domineering system made the six styles almost a decoration. The six styles that were blown to the sky at the beginning of the Judiciary Island, the iron blocks are almost no one used, and what iron blocks are used for armed colors, paper paintings have been replaced by knowledge.
The rarest overlord color can only hire mixed soldiers, the strong is useless to fight, and even the squadron leader level can't be lost in seconds, which is simply embarrassing.
2 sea king class
The extremely powerful sea kings that were portrayed at the beginning, and even the sea kings with the four emperors red hair and one hand, in the mid-term, a lieutenant general can be dropped in seconds, just like the Judicial Island chapter, when the four emperors except the red Hair is a person of ability, but the strength of the red hair is so strong that it actually took a hand with a not-so-strong Neptune class. In the early period, the Neptune class was stronger and the past was said to be reduced to food in the later period. In other words, it can't be explained.
3 the expansion of numbers
I still remember how Luffy scared Bellamy and Blackbeard when he was only there. Now, if one hundred million are all rubbish, the crocodile turned out to be 81 million, so his subordinates are even lower. The original king, Qiwuhai, was the existence of pirates second only to the four emperors, but the performance was really mediocre. The crocodile was defeated by Luffy who hadn't yet 2nd gear, and Moria was even more embarrassed. The empress had never seriously beaten it. The small bosses of the Murloc Island chapter can't handle it, and Bucky's early boss 15 million garbage can also enter. The real Hawkeye and Mingge's style have been lowered. The white beard was shaved too badly, even if the intensity of the critical illness is not even one-tenth that of the aunt and Kaido, there is even an illusion that the three generals can beat the white beard, obviously there is the strongest shock Fruit, the record is really not very good, if the general strength is equal to the four emperors, then why do Qi Wuhai, 3 generals to fight a four emperor, isn’t it crushed, let alone the white beard is still critically ill, as a comparison between Margo and Margo Huang Yuanda fights with aunt, you can see how strong the four emperors are. White beard is the second four emperor, although he is better than the red hair, his ability is suppressed a lot, and he suffers from the early debut.
4 fruit war
In the later stage, there are almost no people who are not capable of fruit. No fruit equals waste [except for the protagonist group]. You can believe that the largest pirate group has almost no swimmers. Why don’t you become bandits? It’s her who jumped into the sea. Is it true that a ship is full of dry ducks, and the fruit becomes pure as a substitute in jojo. Except for Zorro and Sanji Hawkeye, you can hardly find a normal strong person, so Even if they are pirates, most of their battles are on land. After the new world, it is difficult to see strong people other than the capable ones. Hailou stone has become a divine tool. There is already a technology that can be used to process the sea building stone into nails in the country. Then, give Zorro a knife for the sea building stone or the equipment for Frankie to build the sea building stone. Isn't the new world invincible?
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