Death Note review

Apr 16, 2021
hauntingly intricate and beautifully suspenseful.

i absolutely enjoyed the shit out of this manga. from the quirky characters, to the scary shinigami's - i loved every moment. the bit where (SPOILERS!) L died, was so shocking yet so melancholic, i had to stand up and take a break to breathe.

in my mind i was like, "maybe if the circumstances were different, L and light would have been good friends." that thought bugged me throughout the entire reading of the manga. the more i thought of it, the sadder i became. maybe light did consider being friends with L, for just a split second, maybe. but evidently that never happened.

the ending of death note was gut-wrenching. the moment ryuk wrote light's name, or should i say, kira's name, in the death note - was another shocking moment. it was a punch to the face, kira really was going to die. i say kira because there was no redemption for light, he became a victim to the death note and had to pay the price. light had his entire future ahead of him, but this one thing ruined it all.

no matter how smart you think you are, you can never escape your sins - the result of that, death.


Death Note
Death Note
Author Obata, Takeshi