Solo Leveling review

Apr 17, 2021
[Spoiler free]
Let's start with some basic about solo leveling.
Solo leveling is our typical MC becomes strong type of manhwa. MC suddenly gains a power, trains hard then becomes better than everybody.But why does it stands out?It has reached the no.1 spot in MyAnimeList's top manhwa tier.I recently found out that it has reached about 120M+ view in an illegal manga reading website which is 2x more than the next popular manga on that specific site.
The main reason for all this hype and popularity is Solo leveling's fantastic story telling,Character development, Goal setting and flamboyant art-style.The character design is next level.Artist Hyoen-Gun & Jang-Sung-Rak used digital painting and gradient which provided a 3D feeling to the characters.They used the web-comic feature as their advantage and utilized it fully.Each fight scene feels dynamic and spellbound.
Solo leveling is an adaption of the Light Novel 'I alone level up/Solo leveling' by the author chu-gong.His story telling is so fulfilling that from very beginning it's more than enough to hold the reader to complete the remaining chapter as soon as possible.'Solo leveling' is like 'One punch man' but here we get to see him getting stronger and gain the recognition our MC deserves.
If you are one of the person who sweats about small stuff and can't wait for a mystery to be revealed then continuing this manhwa will be difficult for you.
'The name of the main character is Jin-Woo who survived a difficult situation and was granted a option to become a player(Nope it's not isekai). He was the sole person to get the opportunity and was awarded with a function called system.What is this system?Why is this system?Who runs this system?This 3 question is shrouded with mystery and will be revealed at the halfway of the manhwa.In order to enjoy the story you will need to stop asking this 3 question to yourself again and again'.
Did you succeed?Good.Now you are ready to read the manhwa.Trust my words you won't regret it.


Solo Leveling
Solo Leveling
Author Chugong