Sword Art Online review

Apr 02, 2021
Volume one probably the best so far that I've read in the series known as Sword Art Online, the characters are deep, and you end up developing an equal sentimental attachment of virtual world it all takes place. The romance may come about a little fast pace but you quickly forget about it as you find yourself quickly rapped up in how intimate and deep it is. By the end you definitely will get emotional, I won't say any spoilers but its a proper end to the whole story.

But wait theres more, I skipped over the side stories and went right to the essential continuation of the story which is fairy dance, where you are now picking up about 2 months since the end of volume one, where Kritio's sister/cousin is struggling over her feelings for him, while he only has one thing on his mind and that is saving the girl he loves. Don't want to say too much as it'll spoil the moment at the end of vol. 1 as it probably goes against what you'd want to happen. But anyways Kirito is pretty reminiscent of his time in SAO, to the point you can say its not completely over for him as can be understood by the main plot of the story arc.

Couple chapters in you get introduced to ALO a new VRMMO from a company that took over the servers of SAO as the company running them went bankrupt due to the whole death game incident. Anyways kirito jumps in the game that is very similar to SAO except that its based around fairies, thus the ability to fly and use magic are available in the game. You'll notice pretty soon that Kirito's character is quiet abit different then when you last saw him in SAO which only just ended two months prior, hes alot more reckless jumping into situations without hesitation, alot more talkative and gutsy when compared to the SAO version you wonder what the hell happened in those two months to cause such a change if anything I'd expect him to be a lot more on a one track basis of saving Asuna rather then being a laid back do gooder who is overly confident he'll win given any situation.

The emotions present in the first vol. seem to have really disappeared as hes hardly the same guy he was in SAO, its like he developed a massive superiority complex after becoming the hero in SAO, at least while in a VRMMO.

I left out alot of the plot specifics as I'm not fond of giving away too much information that you'd know what will happen in general before even reading, since the greatest part about reading is wondering what will happen next. Fairy dance spans 2 volumes although the total chapters is a lot less then vol. 1 its a good read, although its a lot less emotional as Vol. 1 was.

Now getting to the next arc Phantom Bullet which already I'm getting annoyed at as the prologue and chapter 1-2 is a whole lot of long winded crap that I don't think a reader really cares for as they try and compare certain experiences and limits of the VRMMO to real life. A lot of it coming from Kirito too, personally from what I know of Asuna from reading I would think she wouldn't care two hoots of all the stuff Kirito is going on about. It takes place roughly 1 after Asuna is freed and yet Kirito has become this all knowing and understanding, charismatic individual as they make him come off as a kid with the IQ of 200. Sure they hinted here and there that hes a smart guy but now hes all of sudden a genius.

To be honest Vol 1. is 10 which my scoring relates to.
Vol. 3 & 4 I'd give an 8 although I have qualms with the change in character of Kirito its still a good story.
Vol. 5 I haven't got much into but so far I'd say a 5 or 6 since what I have read has put a pretty bad taste in my mouth as the characters are getting farther and farther from who you knew in SAO that it they should really be different characters entirely.

Weather or not I continue to read this story is very much in the air as its drifting too far from its foundation for me to enjoy it.


Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online