Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou review

Apr 04, 2021
I am not normally a manga reader but when I found this synopsis on upcoming anime with no guarantee on release date, I yearned to read it. Even though it is still early to make a review, I thought I should make one on what I have read so far.
Story: 7//10
This story idea reminded me of One punch man. The story revolves around an Overpowered Demon Lord seeking peace with the other races. But, he is impatient on witnessing this peace develop and decides to reincarnate in 2000 years to view this period of peace and his bloodline. It turns out that this peace has led to demons power regressing. Once reincarnated, he is enrolled into an academy that only accepts descendants of the Demon Lord and their purpose is to discover the reincarnated Demon Lord himself. After taking the entrance exams, he shows off power that can not be measured by the academy's own devices. Because his power is immeasurable, he is given a rank that no one has: the lowest rank for anyone. Now, along with his newly found friend, Misha, he seeks to use his powers to show others that he is truly the Demon Lord himself reincarnated.
The story is humorous to see an overpowered person conversing with weaker people that do not know how weak they are compared to him. It reminds me of the Magis Grandson. There does seem to be some mysterious plot against the MC but it has not come to fruition yet. My own score may change depending on how the story develops. It would be incredible if the manga goes deeper into world building to the point I would definitely give it a point if more world building is added.
Art 7/10:
I think the art is quite well. At many times, the art is taken in a serious tone but just like other shows, it switches its art to simpler drawings to display humorous moments. Nothing to unique but it was really good
Character: 8/10
So far, we are given three characters to inspect. This first is our MC. He is trying to adjust to the current times while trying to prove his worth. Because of how powerful he is, it is funny to see him get cocky with the teachers and other students. This manga solely is based around him being so OP as fuck that he can revive those that who died instantly. Later he encounters, a girl that is silent and reclusive, Misha. She is from a certain noble sect, however, she is treated differently. By being in his presence, Misha slowly starts to develop her own desires and wishes instead of being trampled on. Shortly after, we are introduced to her older and tsundere sister, Sisha I think, can't remember her too well, who desires to be recognized as one of the powerful demons and to excel in school. But, she looks down on her sister with hatred. But is it truly hatred or something else? To find out more, you should read this manga
Enjoyment & Overall: 8/10
So far, I really enjoy this manga and I am still waiting for it to continue. It is humorous to see the MC OP as hell and see him flaunt his power toward other students. I recommend it to those that enjoy this type of trope and for those not interested in fan service as this manga has yet to really show off fanservice.