Bleach review

Apr 04, 2021
Bleach (Manga) 9/10/10/10/10

First things first. My "reviews" system is explained on a blog entry. Which can be found through my profile.

Oeh.. now that I've re-read Manga... figured to write a review about my all time favorite battle shounens. (I've seen Anime total of 4 times including the movies.. but re-read because... Anime final arc is still not animated and I wanted refresher of final arc)

As it's extremely long running battle shounen, it would be too tedious to make more of "detailed" review. So to put it simply. It has a very battle, drama, tragedy rich storytelling that also has spice of character relationships and even romance to it. Like any story, there is certain pattern and the longer is series the more prominent those patterns are. Does it ruin enjoyment? No. Or well, depends on how you are watching something. As I'm more of a "live" viewer than "predictor", thus I got tons of joy out of this story.

I got nothing to say. It was simply spot on to my tastes. It had rather sharp and clear style to it. Absolutely amazing character designs, power designs, world designs and godlike awakening/power-up designs.

Also plenty of waifus to choose from and plenty of amazing weapons.

Once again.. character variation is amazing. So are the stereotypes and personalities variations.

Characters with more importance or value have more backstory to them and as well more roles in the story itself. Thus they get better development and backstory. Lot of interesting characters, interesting villains and even often likeable villains.

Ichigo, our MC is amazingly enjoyable tragic hero. Whenever it's his relations to characters or plot twists that get found out or his journey of combat and power-ups and awakenings. Are simply absolutely enjoyable.

As far as battle shounens go, style-wise it's my all time favorite.

✦Enjoyment & Overall
I would have more comments about Anime, but since it's manga I'll keep it shorter.

Long story short. It's one of the first "spot on" Anime that I fell love with. It has simply way too many elements that match my tastes and thus amplify the enjoyment to unreal amount. One of few series that I actively hope for final arc to be animated. On top of that I collect images, music, games, fanart, doujinshi and so on. (now and then)

In another words. I absolutely adore this series (and Anime adaption is simply my utmost favorite Anime of all times).

It has it's ups and downs but all things consider I find storytelling extremely pleasing that is filled with twists, surprises, changes, awakenings and extremely powerful emotions.

It even has rather complex story and especially abilities. On top of that there are plenty of story points that just twist your gut because of some characters master plans.

Probably the weakest point of the story would be last 2 arcs where their contrast was rather odd. Fullbring arc that felt the weakest and final arc that was a bit way too over the top with it's powers and characters. Especially with the very specific/niches that tons of characters had as their abilities.

Nevertheless it was wrapped up rather nicely. Sadly if it wouldn't started being pressurized to ending the story, we would gotten a lot of more explanations and prolonging chapters that would balance out the pacing of the story.

At least finale was great, which showed some insight into characters future and best of all. Love that bloomed.

As far as "perfection" goes. It's one of the closest ones to my enjoyment and tastes. Obviously it has it's duller moments and issues, but so does everything.

(might revise for clarity)


Author Kubo, Tite