Golem Hearts review

Apr 13, 2021
Here is my initial impression after reading 2 chapters of the newly serialized manga about golems and golem arts: Golem hearts by Gen Oosuga.

Note: I would be updating this review after the first volume of the manga is released.

Initially, the manga gave me the alchemy feeling of Full Metal Alchemist, the open world of One Piece, and the art of Fairy Tail.

It may seem like a clone of popular shonen mangas of today, but I know that it would not be serialized if that was the goal that Gen Oosuga had set for his story.

The premise of the story is people live in a world where Golems that were created by Sorcery Scholars to serve Human as companion, tool or a weapon of war.

In this world a Humnoid Golem Noah is striving to be the second best Sorcery Scholar in the whole world, only second to his master/creator.

At the moment, I enjoyed the one shot and the serialized 2 chapters of the manga, so at the moment I would give Golem Hearts 8 out of 10.


Golem Hearts
Golem Hearts
Author Oosuga, Gen