One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021
After seeing the anime version the second time, I just had to check out the manga. Season 2 wasn't going to come out for some time and I couldn't wait.

I was not disappointed. This marked the first time I stayed up very late to read a manga, heck, the first time I stayed up late to read at all in a long while. One Punch Man (OPM) as a manga is highly entertaining, with a plethora of fights that are brilliantly illustrated in such a way that you can easily imagine their happening in real-time. They're very fluid. The powers of these heroes/monsters are epic. I love how when a new hero appears his/her name is shown with his/her class and rank. One of the aspects of shounen that really make you want to keep watching is the aura of mystery surrounding strong characters -- even after having caught up with the manga, I still don't know about the abilities of some key players that will definitely play an important role later on.

One may say that OPM has too many fights once it gets into its main plot, but its main plot is such that many fights are bound to occur, and besides, it all contributes towards ONE's motif of what it means to be a hero. Like its rival, Boku no Hero Academia, OPM is a tale of heroism for a protagonist who defies the odds, albeit in a different way. And unlike the fights in Bleach, for example, those in OPM do not consist mostly of talking and using the same modes of dialogue over and over again. The hero(s) and monster(s) meet, fight, and an outcome is established. I do criticize the scarcity of hero deaths (although there are plenty of hero injuries) in comparison with the myriad monster deaths. However, it would certainly shake the mood if heroes were to die, and usually if "good guys" die they only do so for a reason.

I'm primarily an anime viewer (52.2 days of anime, 0.9 of manga) so I can't really say this with backing -- but of the manga I've been reading so far, OPM is one of the best illustrated. The attention to detail is insane. To think that this actually began as a webcomic that's still going, which was converted into a manga, which was converted into an anime. The disparity of visual nearness from webcomic to screen is just amazing. If you read manga for the art, then read OPM. If you like unappreciated heroism, then read OPM.

I'll write a more detailed review after the manga finishes.

Let's hope that doesn't come for a long, long while.


One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Author Murata, Yusuke