One Piece review

Apr 17, 2021
The King of Shonen manga One Piece is called and damn right it's. One Piece is really the epitome of modern Shonen manga alongside with Death Note and Hunter x Hunter. But with Death Note bad ending and Hunter x Hunter (please kill me) pace and moody story line, this manga is without doubt the best Shonen Manga alongside Dragon Ball and Fist of the North Star.

The biggest main point of One Piece is story. Simple yet powerful, it's simply the best main selling of the story. It's a story about boy trying to get his dream and although it's simple like that, it's full of human's feeling and so fleshed out to the point that we can say that they are alive at this point.

The art is a bit weird, but the background is astounding and really detail to the point there is a hidden character each chapter and it's really astounding.

The character is also likeable and the villain is complete jerk so you can hate it.

So overall this is fun manga and i really recommend it despite it's long story.



One Piece
One Piece
Author Oda, Eiichiro