Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria review

Apr 16, 2021
Finally after 2 days, I completed all the 7 volumes..
Honestly it was a blast although the light novel itself can be said to be abnormal because no human in the story is normal and the level of abnormality they perceive is on a different level.

The character development is the most fascinating in the series like how a seemingly abnormally normal guy who doesn't want to his everyday life to get corrupted and loves it the most to a next level becomes someone who sits on piles of million of corpses with a scar in his soul just for a girl.

The story at start seems to normally revolve around a normal justice based fight between different entities but later as the story progresses it shows the aim to highlight the attachment between main protagonist and the main female protagonist to abnormally abnormal level if talking like the story.

Many people say that they can do anything for the one they love but this story depicts the same thing and pushes it to its limits. You can understand the depth of the story by simple question.
"Can you go as far as for the one you love to do anything, betray everyone even though it hurts in the heart, can you find the person if he/she doesn't exist, search for 1000s of 'years' and lose yourself, your personality, sanity, everything, you go mad but still repeat the person's name a thousand times to find he/she?"

When I completed the 7 volumes, this question crossed through my head, in reality it is impossible, but the story certainly breaks the concept of reality and madness.

I simply love the fact how attached the mc and f-mc, just because of this fact it is worth reading.

In volume 1- It is the best written volume out of all of them (just based on writing, there is another factor that is counted in novels 'feelings'). The story of this volume is absolutely fabulous, although it goes about it an roundabout approach, when it all clears up, you then realize how much enjoyable and cruel it was, it leaves a huge impact on the reader and makes them realize that the normal looking mc is very different from normal, he is still very kind and gratefully cruel in the 1st volume, but when someone considers himself normal but his perception of normal is very much abnormal, that's what I realized, he is on a different plane that others.

In volume 2- Honestly, it was crap... it felt so bad after reading the amazing 1st volume, but that's just my personal feeling, for many people it may be bad but for many people it may be the best on the story. This volume was just acting as a mini switch that was turned on for the main character, many people don't notice but it is the fact that this volume made a hole in the mc. Well.. it wasn't that bad y'know.

In volume 3:4- Basically both the volumes are cannon fodder for the building of the mc and realization of the f-mc that she can't stay true to her feeling no matter how much she wants and also introduces many characters that have screws loose in their brains, like I hate the fact they act all innocent while are very cunning and shrewd but still want to be saved by the mc but I love the fact that how much other characters beg him to save them, he just doesn't give a crap (not now in the next volumes), these volumes also show and highlight the main weakness between the bond of the main characters but that leads the mc to create an abnormally large and limitless attachment. These volumes basically are meant to make the mc set a goal that seems awfully cruel to other people.

In volume 5:6- These volumes are the ones where things really take a turn for the worst and what can I say, it's fabulous. Finally the mc abandons all his kindness and goes for the aggressive, like hell yeah! these were the most enjoyable chapters. The fact that the mc just uses his best friends and sacrifices them while suppressing his fragile and abnormal heart and just crushes everything in his way, he makes an abnormal resolution to crush everything in his way to fulfill his attachment. I love the fact that the f-mc is crying at heart praying not to cut her attachments to him but her own ideals don't allow her live with her attachments. The point where the mc goes to where whatever he does he can't return is reached.

In the last volume - It's pure madness, just by reading it I thought what was the author thinking, is he abnormal too. It's nothing but madness at first, at the start you will think the mc had gone crazy, he doesn't care for anything except for her dear sweetheart. Slowly as he shreds his own soul and abandons his own being and humanity just to bring he back is so heartwarming but his ways became so cruel that he loses himself but still doesn't forget her. At this point at the middle, every word and line makes you cry a thousand tears at the madness and craziness. Every time I read a line my heart ached a lot, I cried a lot but still you can't stop yourself from reading next lines. But I feel like it lacked the impact for the end but logically it ended at the beginning, the later part was just an epilogue, that again will make you cry as many times he calls her name. ( Her name has lot of meaning).

Lastly, it was a very good read and I recommend it to everyone, I will give it a 10 not based on the story any other matter, I just enjoyed and loved the series so much that I want to give it the best review and rating I could I give.



Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria
Author Mikage, Eiji