Jisatsu Circle review

Apr 08, 2021
Well I've seen other reviews around here all crying disturbing or whatnots...

Well I do not really think it's THAT disturbing... but rather a little disappointed in the execution of the manga. The mangaka is quite a master at executing grim stories... unfortunately I do not really see a very realistic portrait of this whole "Mitsuko" incident. Remember what people said about this Mitsuko... that she's something of a sage... that she brings tangible benefit to them, that they feel peaceful when they look at her.

O rite... and about the dead ppl bbs... it was not explained properly.. I think.

And there are a lot of spaces in-between some huge events, like after the train mass suicide incident did no police or counselors approach "the only girl who survived"? Besides, there are a lot of strange points, how no one complained many different high and middle school girls congregated at a school? And how did Saya get so many followers over a summer?

Well seeing this as done over a month I can't possibly say that much about it. But it's quite a pity... since most of the content seems to be mired in tragedy and horror. IMO, it wasn't very solid.

The ending wasn't that well too... I simply do not get how Kyouko and Saya suddenly got so well with each other again... it seems too rushed.

I do not like the naked child scenes. But other than that it was still all right. Except for Yoko's face.... sometimes it looks a bit weird, especially the placement of her eyes.

Some character development, mostly to justify the birth of 'Mitsuko-chan'.

Argh it leaves a bad aftertaste and a bad during-taste too.

Overall, I do not like it but it's not that bad of a series. It is not a retelling of the original movie by the same name. It is modified by the mangaka with the permission of the original creator. And it was created within a month.

And PS. read the mangaka's other works like Picasso's ?? and 51 Ways to protect your Lover to catch his awesomeness^_^.


Jisatsu Circle
Jisatsu Circle
Author Furuya, Usamaru