Shino Asada

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Shino Asada
Name: Shino Asada
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Phantom Bullet arc)
Birthdate: August 21, 2009
Height: 161 cm
Three sizes: 80-61-81

Shino is a skilled VRMMO player. She goes by the name Sinon in Gun Gale Online and ALfheim Online. She is nicknamed Hecate, after her gun «PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II», a .50 caliber anti-materiel and rare sniper rifle. She is one of the main characters of volumes five and six and first female player that Kirito meets in GGO. She plays GGO to overcome her trauma concerning guns.

Calm and cool are two words that best describe Sinon's personality. In battle and most of the time in the game, she keeps a cool head that actually makes other female players admire her; however, Sinon has a violent temper once angered - something that is best seen with her interactions with Kirito. It is actually said that Kirito is the first one to make her extremely angry. Despite all this, Sinon, while may be hard to approach, is generally a friendly person and doesn't mind helping others.

She becomes a Cait Sith archer in ALO where she is capable of hitting targets from 200m away despite her bow being limited to 100m.
(Source: Sword Art Online Wikia)