Enen no Shouboutai review

Apr 04, 2021
[Spoiler Warning]

Important stuff before review:

1) If you don't know, the author of this manga is the same of Soul Eater, so expect a similar character design. (I didn't read ou watch Soul Eater so I can't say if they are similar)

Now the Review:

Story - 6

This is the typical bad appellative shounen (in good portuguese: típico shounen ruim apelão). What I mean with this? I mean it is full of all cliches that we are used to read in a shounen:

#Orphan boy - check

#Rivalry between friends since always - check

#Evil brother - check

#Girl that gets naked all the time without explanation - check

#All the hero piffle, and "friendship is important", and "keep promises", "I want to be a... Hokage/Wizard King/Best Exorcist stuff (in this one is actually hero or knight-king)" - check

But this is my impression of the beginning of the story, after reading almost all chapters out, I can say that it gets better and we are developing a real plot by now. The author didn't explain everything, but it is getting thick.

The story is strange, because "people get burned out of nowhere" and the people who help them, the firefighters, actually use fire to "save them". This resembles Fahrenheit 451 a lot (the firefighters put books on fire).

In the beginning, the fire powers are just normal. But then it start to appear a lot of powers that doesn't make sense, the author manages to put time-travel in relation with fire (so, it is kind of WTF). But you just get it, because just normal fire would get dull eventually (*ironic*).

About the story, you get a lot of fights -> main guy improving/training -> more fights -> a few relax chapters (with fan service probably) -> more fights and getting new allies/friends -> increasing the harem -> a few mysteries -> more fights...

Art - 8

Art is nice, it is strange, but it is good. No complaints. There is a lot of bizarre and creepy faces. When it needs to be detailed, it is.

Character - 7

I already said above we have the typical shounen troupes - people with dark pasts, villains that we don't understand at all (but I hope we will someday). The characters are not really developed, but in a shounen, who cares? If you want to see a lot of fights with a lot of ass-pull, this is for you.

Ok, now serious. We at least get to see the past of all the main ones (the 8th brigade), everybody act consistently. I don't have complaints (they are cliche, but we already expected that)

Enjoyment - 7

This story is good to get some fun, see/read some good fights, and usually fast ones (points to the author for not dragging the fights too much), relax, and even laugh a lot in some hilarious chapters, but don't expect the best manga of your life.

Overall - 7


Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Author Ookubo, Atsushi