Enen no Shouboutai review

Apr 04, 2021
To be fair I have to say I dropped this pretty early on because I have zero tolerance for certain stuff in anime/manga, but I will try to confer my thoughts as best I can. This is my opinion as someone who doesn't waste time watching Shonen nowadays, just seinen and the exception of a rare Shonen (such as Boku no Hero Academia, the only one I consider out of the box along with Kimetsu no Yaiba). This review also has some spoilers. Just the basic gist of the first arc I got to read.

Story — 6

Up until chapeter it is pretty simple and bland. You have your standard MC who lost their parents in a fire and decides he's going to be a hero. He also has exceptional powers. So he decides to join some op and badass firefighters. Then he finds that there's a bad smell coming from within the firefighter corps and decides to take a look only to find there's some corruption goin on between and within squads. Pretty cliche. It also has a tournament, by the title of one of the chapters. Another cliche from your typical shonen. If you like that then, by all means, go ahead and watch it.

Art — 9

This is extremely upsetting because it has an amazing art and an amazing character design. I loved Joker as a villain, I loved how the characters had something to them that defined them. Obi's soft eyes, for example, are something I loved. This too has something that backfired: FANSERVICE.

The fanservice is almost downright vulgar. I don't want to watch a character groping another. I don't want to see genitals in a shonen that is clearly aimed for young people. It has so many good moments but the fanservice is a little bit TOO much.

Character — 5

A standard shonen cast. The fanservice girl(s), the brooding older woman (basically a Tsunade), the innocent girl, the one who's constantly sexually harassed, and then you have the boys. The MC who's basically Naruto and can (and will) use the infamous "talk no jutsu" to overcome everything that gets in his way, the soft mentor (which is the only thing I like. I love Obi.), The strict teacher, and the MC's rival. I felt I was watching Naruto all over again.

Enjoyment — 6

I spent half of my time reading cringing and trying really hard not to cry out of frustration. This story had such a good potential and the author threw a lot of cliches and a lot of disgusting fanservice just for the sake of capturing his audience. It gets me sad because a lot of shonen stories with nice ideas get dumped because of mangas like this, full of repetitive, overused tropes and pointless fanservice.

The only thing I will say I like is the corruption part.

Overall — 5

I just cannot day anything else that's good. The art is amazing, the story is mediocre and cliche, it has a lot of fanservice and some glimmers of a good story that doesn't really connect that well due to the excessive use of recycled tropes in shonen—like shows.


Enen no Shouboutai
Enen no Shouboutai
Author Ookubo, Atsushi