Death Note review

Apr 16, 2021
Story: 10/10. Death Note is a psychological crime thriller and I found the plot well paced. The writing depicted all of the aspects that were necessary for it to have a fully developed storyline. There are psychological elements as some of the plot does revolve around dark crime themes. There was no portion of how the plot was portrayed in the story that would have made my rating of this portion lower.

Art: 10/10. The art style was quite creative. The characters are drawn so that they are distinguished well enough to tell the difference between every one of them. The art style did not prevent my understanding of anything in the manga.

Characters: 10/10. I could easily tell by the dialogue which character was which. Once I got used to reading a few of their unusual names-some of which are Light, L, and Near, the main characters in the story had interesting personalities due to how in-depth they were portrayed psychologically. This story does not lack from well developed character arcs otherwise that would have lowered my rating of this section.

Enjoyment: 10/10. Considering I read the entire manga, I extremely enjoyed the reading experience. I liked the second half of it as much as the first half as I never could predict what was going to happen next.

Overall: 10/10. Death Note is an entertaining story with a very well thought out plot, dialogue, characters, and relevant themes.


Death Note
Death Note
Author Obata, Takeshi