Sword Art Online review

Apr 02, 2021
Let me just say I am not reviewing the entirety of the light novel series. Although I have read almost all of them, I am writing primarily on the fourth arc of the LN; Aliciziation.

Most people have seen at least the first season of the anime, maybe even the second season. However; after the second season/volume 8, begins the best part of the entire series.

I am unwilling to provide a quick overview because you must experience the entire journey for yourself. The plot is so well executed, and the two main characters on the cover of volume 9 or the focal point of this journey. Words can't explain how fond I am of this arc.

The only thing that may seem as a bother is that there is a good amount of plot exposition. But it can't really be avoided in a sense; as there is a lot of explanation of how this new device, the "STL," works. At points it could seem like it's dragging, and it may be quite confusing at the beginning, but one the ball starts rolling; IT DOES NOT STOP. Just wait for the feels trip of a lifetime.

I just finished volume 15 and can't even wait for volume 16. By far THE BEST arc in the whole series, and one of my favorite stories EVER. Do yourself a favor and read it.


Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online