Akatsuki no Yona review

Apr 16, 2021
Akatsuki no Yona is the reason why I like so much everything about anime and manga.
So, let’s start talk about Akayona.

When I found the anime adaptation was love at first sight, then I had started to read the manga immediately. At the same time, I was watching the anime. Akayona isn’t a classical shoujo manga which the princess live a beautiful and romantic life to have a happy ending. This is shoujo manga about war, betrayal and power struggle but also it’s about love, overcoming and friendship.

Story: 10/10
Akayona is complex story and I love stories full of details.
I think that is very difficult for an author to be able to keep the level of the story from the beginning until the end (Akayona hasn’t end yet), but Mizuho Kusanagi can do it with mastery.
Another point to considerate about Akatsuki no Yona that I think very important is the way the author managed to unite so many classic elements of Japanese culture like dragons, warriors, kingdoms related with natural elements.
All of this makes reader to immerse is this world.

Art: 10/10
As I said, this story is rich, full of details. The design is very very beautiful and there is even maps in the manga to you understand better the story.

Character: 10/10

I read some complaints about Akayona. Some people have said that Yona doesn’t develop in this story, she is almost a whiner who needs someone's help. At the beginning of the story it's true, but everywhere else you can see how she becomes strong and confident.
Yona demonstrates great value by being humble enough to recognize that she didn't know the reality of her kingdom, and, even with all her weakness, she does not give up on to make it a better place to the people live. Only after that, she intend claim the throne back.
As for the other characters, each one has his personal stories, one more beautiful than another, by the way. And as for the antagonist of the story you fall in love with him at the same time that you want to kill him.

Another very important point in any manga that Mizuho Kusanagi succeeds in mastering again is the fact that all characters are important, there are not too many characters and not less, each has its own role within the plot.

Enjoyment/Overall: 10/10
In order not to prolong, I can say that it is really a story worth reading.
In addition, among the shoujo manga listed in MAL, it is the one with the highest note (8.88), and this story really deserves this position.


Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Author Kusanagi, Mizuho