Akatsuki no Yona review

Apr 16, 2021
I began reading this manga around five years ago. I remember reading the first few chapters, finding myself busy, dropping it, then coming back around to it. I'm so glad I did!

Minor spoilers below!

Story: 10/10

I love the story of Akatsuki no Yona. I have reread this manga so many times, and each time I fall in love over and over. The plot sounds so cliche and it is listed as shoujo. While I don't think that listing is incorrect per se, there are many dark elements within this story. There's violence and tragedy, but there's also hope and willpower. It's extremely enchanting to read.

Art: 9/10

The art is actually stunning. The mangaka can draw everything beautifully and when we get colored pages I absolutely fall in love. My one point off is for the earlier chapters (which you only really notice if you reread the manga), but my god has the mangaka improved!

Character: 10/10

This tale is absolutely character driven. All the characters have their own personality that they add to the party and I cannot help but love all of them! There's also a HUGE amount of character development for all the characters. You watch as they grow and discover new things about themselves and each other. Personally, Yoon is my favorite character, but all of them will situate themselves somewhere in your heart.

Enjoyment: 10/10

It's a fantasy story to get lost in, what else is there to enjoy? But in all seriousness, I have kept up with this manga for so long because I an enjoy it so much. I have favorite chapters and arcs that I can come back to and read whenever I feel like (or reread the whole thing if I have the time)! I usually cannot reread material, but there's something about this manga that draws me back over and over.

Overall: 10/10

Akatsuki no Yona is not your usual shoujo harem, but rather a story about overcoming trials and perseverance. It's dark and gritty at times and heartwarming and silly at others. Its cast of characters are all delightful, the art is stunning, and its story will no doubt hook you.


Akatsuki no Yona
Akatsuki no Yona
Author Kusanagi, Mizuho