Bleach review

Apr 04, 2021
This is my first review, I'll try my best not to spoil anything. I'll try to keep this short so that you won't have to read paragraph after paragraph.

Story: 6/10

The story is of a freshman in high school who becomes a Shinigami after trying to protect his friends. Cliche, but not bad cliche. Further into the story, battles become less interesting as they drag on to the point of having the urge to skim through the chapters. Like most mangas with overpowered characters, there are bound to be asspulls, such as in this manga. Quite a bit of plotholes and unanswered questions. If you're fine with those and just want to enjoy the series, you should be fine.

Art: 8/10

Not much to say about the art. The art was great. It added to the badassery of the fighting moments. You can notice how the art changes throughout the manga.

Characters: 6/10

Firstly, there are too many characters and complicated names. There were a high amount of times when I had to google search the characters mentioned. Second, lots of characters were dislikeable. There are noticeable characters that you'll see that are being dragged along for the purpose of the main character's power to grow. Other than that, they're utterly useless. It seems as if the author was trying hard to make the characters become somewhat close to the main character's power to try to fit them into the plot. I can say more, but it would include spoilers.

Enjoyment: 4/10

As mentioned before, there were many moments where I would skim through the chapters as fights were dragged along and plotholes were everywhere, not to mention the unanswered questions which leave the reader to their own imagination to answer themselves. There are some more problems with personal reasons on why I didn't enjoy the series, but it would include spoilers.

Overall: 6/10

Too many plotholes, unanswered questions, disliked characters, useless characters, and asspulls. If you're fine with those, you might as well read Bleach. Story was fairly great, but wasn't enough to keep me entirely focused on events such as battles as they were dragged along.

If you're looking to pass time, Bleach would be pretty good for you, but don't expect too much.



Author Kubo, Tite