One Punch-Man review

Apr 15, 2021
A stunning mix of comedy and action manga. With the most gorgeous art I've ever seen in a long time.

Story & Character - Onepunchman is not your typical shounen manga. Most shounen mangas follow a weak or wimpy boy who slowly grows up and become stronger in order to reach his goals. Not Onepunchman. The main character Saitama is already so strong he ends all of his fights in one punch. He is literally so strong there hasn't been anyone or anything that give him a hard time. You might think, then what's the fun in watching a story where the character is too powerful? You'll be surprised when you give this manga a try.

It doesn't have a central plot, per se, but the story progresses as more characters and more villains get introduced. Saitama, who started off alone, started getting to know more and more characters, each with their own quirks and circumstances that brought forth interesting storyline. As a shounen manga, of course one of the main points of Onepunchman is the fight scenes. But how are the scenes even enjoyable when Saitama ends everything in one punch? Well, the fight scenes are not only about Saitama's. In fact, Saitama's fights are only around 20% of the total fight scenes. There's a whole lot of interesting side characters that aren't invincible, each fighting strong enemies on their own, and that comprises around 80% of Onepunchman's fight scenes. The characters and villains are all so diverse that the interactions between them are varied. Believe me, you won't be bored.

Also, the comedy. Onepunchman is a comedy gold. Just by looking at the bald stature of Saitama you'd know that this is not a depressing manga. It's extremely fun and Saitama's interactions with his buddies are hilarious. The authors got a knack for inserting humour into the most ridiculous parts of the story, and it works. That's not to say Onepunchman is a complete gag manga. It's got its emotional moments as well. It's a great blend between the serious moments and the hilarious moments.

Art - Absolutely stunning. I grew up reading Eyeshield 21, which was drawn by the same author (Yusuke Murata), and the fact that his artwork has grown so, so much from the first volume of Eyeshield 21 to this masterpiece of artwork that is Onepunchman staggers me. Everything looks so vivid and extremely detailed. Dare I say that Onepunchman has the best art in a shounen manga I've ever seen. The fight scenes look fluid and easy to follow, there are even a few chapters where the pages are just spreads of snapshots in the fight. It doesn't feel like manga anymore, it's like buying an art book.

Overall, Onepunchman is an amazing manga. It's extremely enjoyable and will have you in stitches from too much laughing. I really don't have anything bad to say about this. Please try reading this. You won't be disappointed.


One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Author Murata, Yusuke